The Following is important Information.  PLEASE READ.  For further details please refer to the Registration Page at www.averagejoe4x4.com. 

At the end of this form there is a check box that corresponds to these topics.  Please read and understand these topics and answer them at the end of the form.

All 4x4 vehicles have to be licensed, registered, insured, and legal to drive on all public roads/highways prior to start of competition in order to compete.

This is a very dangerous activity, before competing you WILL be required to read, initial, and sign the liability waiver.  

AJ4x4 WILL collect pictures and video during this and all competitions from various sources.  Once collected AJ4x4 reserves the right to utilize these pictures/videos/sound, to include but not limited to, internet, social media, print, and commercial media outlet(s).  

As a competitor you agree to the rules and conditions of AJ4x4.   As a competitor you also agree to abide by all decisions made by the AJ4x4 officiating staff, to include determination of the safety check and Tech Inspect to include moving you either up or down in classification.

Safety Inspect.
All Vehicles must pass a safety inspection to compete.  Some items to be inspected.
Engine Bay;  Clean and free of excessive grease/oil.  
Interior:  All loose items secured and/or removed.
Drivers seat properly secured,  and if an inside spotter is used for spotter seat on passenger side.
Seat Belts MUST be in working condition for driver and if a spotter is used for spotter on passenger side.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Tech Inspect.
Vehicles will be Tech Inspected (reviewed) to determine final proper classification placement.
 AJ4x4's intent is to place each vehicle in a class where it can compete equally.
If you are bumped either up or down in class it is solely based on where AJ4x4 believes you can compete efficiently, and you agree to compete in that class.

Competitors Entry Fee
Once Entry Fee is paid, and entrant is placed on the competitors list, Entry fee becomes Non-Refundable and Non-Transferable.  Entry Fee cannot be transferred to another competitor, or transferred for spectator tickets.

Completed Registration
Registration is Not Complete until:
Registration is filled out completely
Competitor Entry Fee is paid in full
Stock $20
Super-Stock $25
Stock-Modified $30
Super-Modified $35
Pro-Modified $40

Registration totals.
There will be a total of 15 vehicles in each classification.
Once the class is full with 15 vehicles, you may still register, however AJ4x4 will use the time date stamp of registration to admit the first 15 competitors into that class.
During this registration period, spots may become available, AJ4x4 will determine who is next on the list and automatically place them into the competitors list.  If you are unable to make it on to the competitors list, you will have an option to remain on a wait list incase of openings, or remain on a list as a possible alternate at the event, or have your Entry fee fully refunded immediately. 

Once registration ends;
Those on the wait list will then be removed and a full refund for their entry fee will be sent.
Those wanting to be an alternate will be determined, AJ4x4 will determine the number of alternates needed.
Alternates will be pulled from the registration process and determined by the time date stamp on registration as well as their request to be an alternate from this form.
If you are chosen as an alternate, please come prepared to compete, everything will apply, drivers meeting, safety, tech, etc...  
If you are called to compete your entry fee becomes non-refundable at that point.
If you end up not competing, your entry fee will be refunded minus a spectators fee of $10.

* indicates required
Competitors 9Drivers) Frist Name
Competitors (drivers) Last Name
This E-Mail serves as the primary contact point between AJ4x4 and you the competitor.
Please review the Classification Rules to answer correctly
Please refer to refund policy on AJ4x4 website
Consent needs to be given to compete.
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